Studies and career

Virginia Alcarria is one of the emerging marimba artists in the music scene.

Her career focuses on the fusion of art forms as a means to convey her message, which has led her to present and perform innovative and creative shows, whereby using her marimba, she connects with multiple artistic disciplines.

These shows include her theatrical performance “Hypatia,” for actress and marimba player with electronics, or her YouTube series “Virginia’s Marimba Stories”, where she presents exciting subjects related to marimba.

As a marimba player, Virginia Alcarria has performed in different countries such as Spain, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Guatemala.

In addition, she is co-founder and creator of the Málaga Brass Band, with whom she represented her country at the IBBC (International Brass Band Competition) in Montreux, Switzerland.

She has collaborated with different composers on new works for marimba and reissuing their pieces, such as her collaboration with Christos Hatzis on his piece for marimba and soprano “Haikus”. In addition, she has created her arrangements, such as her arrangement for the well-known “Totentanz”, for two marimbas which has received rave reviews from the Percussive Arts Society. Among her latest projects, Virginia Alcarria has led the commission of 18 pieces for marimba by Spanish and Mexican composers.

Virginia Alcarria pursued her Bachelor’s (university) degree in percussion in Málaga (Spain), finishing with the highest distinction as a soloist at her university. Furthermore, she has joined other academies such as Barenboim-Said Academy, Madrid Okho, and Akademia Muzyczna w Gdańsku (Poland), where she earned a master’s degree in marimba with Katarzyna Mycka.

Virginia Alcarria is Marimba One Artist and Manager of the German organization Marimba Festiva e.V.