"Jazzy songs" is an original, novel, and attractive musical offer for any kind of audience.

In "Jazzy Songs", we perform some of the most famous songs from jazz, bossa nova, and cabaret.


Hypatia is an  innovative project where theater meets music

In this performance, the marimba not only shows music composed exclusively for this project, but the marimba is the main character from which the story emerges.

This play is based on the story of "Hypatia", the first woman philosopher, although it is told in a very unconventional way that will surely bring out all your feelings

This project is an exploration of Spanish and Andalusian talent through new pieces composed for marimba.

These works were commissioned by me in October 2020, in which, both the traditional Spanish folklore and new musical styles are presented.


Virginia’s marimba stories is an innovative series broadcast on YouTube.

In each chapter, one of the most important pieces in the repertoire for the marimba is explained, as well as the the story behind these pieces, or about the composers who wrote them. In these videos you can enjoy different interviews with prestigious composers or marimba players, such as Anders Koppel, Emmanuel Sejourne, Svet Stoyanov, etc.