“Homenaje” is a project of recitals for marimba whose objective is to make the marimba known to society.

In "homenaje" talks are organized with the audience about the history of each piece, as well as different exciting experiences within the concert format.


Hypatia is an  innovative project where theater meets music

In this performance, the marimba not only shows music composed exclusively for this project, but the marimba is the main character from which the story emerges.

This play is based on the story of "Hypatia", the first woman philosopher, although it is told in a very unconventional way that will surely bring out all your feelings


Music for the eyes is an audiovisual project. It is characterized as a set of didactic concerts in which children will not only be able to listen and know marimba, but in the meantime, they will be able to see animation shorts based on each pieces they listen to.

These animated shorts tell the story of the music in a fun and original way, the image being at the service of the music, accompanying its melodies and rhythms with the image.


Virginia’s marimba stories is an innovative series broadcast on YouTube.

In each chapter, one of the most important pieces in the repertoire for the marimba is explained, as well as the the story behind these pieces, or about the composers who wrote them. In these videos you can enjoy different interviews with prestigious composers or marimba players, such as Anders Koppel, Emmanuel Sejourne, Svet Stoyanov, etc.